Vagamon Meadows

vagamon medows

Vagamon meadow are considered as one of Asia’s biggest meadows. The perfect rolling landscape offers a majestic view of the place cladded with greenery, fog and mist. A beautiful lake nestled in the meadows is an added attraction. The meadows are locally known as Bhishma kunnu and Mottakunnu. The land is known to have a relation with the Hindu epic Mahabharatha and there is a faith that the war between Bhishma and Arjuna was fought here. Arjuna’s pool occupies the central position in the 11small awesome hills.

Pine Forest

vagamon pine valley

Pine forest, one of the main attractions in Vagamon provides privacy in nature lap. A pine is any conifer in the Genus Pinus, of the family Pinacae. Pinus is the sole genus in the subfamily of Pinoideae. Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous resinous tree growing 3-80m (10 – 260ft) tall, with the majority of species reaching 15 – 45m (50 -150ft)tall. A valley having huge lofty pine trees lined in rows is the Pine valley of Vagamon. It is a beautiful location which shares unique experience for the tourist. Come and experience the charm of wind and its murmuring music…

Palozhukumpara -Ninth step waterfall

Palozhukum para

A beautiful water fall having nine falls is another attraction at Vagamon. It also called Palozhukum Para which literally means the rock which flows milk. The name indicates the beauty of the water fall. It is also known as Shiva Ganga water fall.

Indo – Swiss Project Dairy Farms

Indo – Swiss Project Dairy Farms

Indo – Swiss project is situated in Kolahala Medu. It is a joint endeavor by India and Swiss Governments for Generating high breed varieties of Cows and Bulls. Tourist can experience various types of farming and dairying practices here.

Orchid Garden

Orchid Garden

The Orchid garden located within a 15 hectare plot is home to about 3000 Orchids from various genres. The centre is also home to about 200 roses planted all along to lend fragrance along with Coleuses, Boat lilies and Impatiens plants that add color to the place. The beautifully laid walkways dotted with bamboo bridges and arches, a water body to attract birds and the watch house with beautiful views of the garden and the adjacent tea - estates lure one’s mind away from mundane life. A short way up on the trail is located the green house within which the Orchids are beautifully displayed. The orchids along the sidewalks and the ones growing on the tree stumps leading to the greenhouse all make it truly ‘A walk to remember’. Right from the entrance where ground orchids ( spathoglottisplicata)are displayed in pots, the mind is prepared for a treat; however the view within the greenhouse leaves one spellbound to say the least and to an Orchid lover- It’s a paradise with blooms of all hues warming one’s Heart.

Kurisumala – Mount of the Cross


Kurisumala is one of the most prominent Pilgirim centers in south India . The word Kurisumala literally means Mount of the Cross. Situated at a height of almost 4000ft, it is also the highest point in Kottayam district and the height point of the Meenachil basin. This is when hundred of disciples from far and near converge during the holy week and after, climbing the hill carrying wooden crosses. Travelers can enjoy trekking and climbing this high hill.

Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala Ashram, a hermitage for Christian celibates, who have credence in the Christianity along with the Indian mystical philosophies. The Kurisumala ashram is founded by Francis Acharya a Belgian Monk. The ashram located at the soul of the Sahya Mountains is blessed by gentle breezes that flows.

Tea Lake

Tea lake

The tea lake is beautiful and ideal relaxation spot and sway add its charm. Boating in the lake provide distinctive experience to the guest.

Tea Estates

Tea Estates

There are many tea estates of which the major ones are Pullikkanam Estate, and AVT Plantations. Tourists can get permission from the estate office and have a walk through the estate gardens and this for sure is going to be worth the time spending here.

IDP Tunnel - Hillvalley Tunnel

Hillvalley Tunnel

There is a wonder waiting for you at Vagamon in the form of a Tunnel. IDP Tunnel is an underground water bringing system to the Idukki Dam power project. This beautiful tunnel has about 2km long, and inside the tunnel a water fall is situated. You can walk through the Tunnel and can experience the natural air conditioning effect.



Anchuruli, also spelled Anjuruli, is an emerging tourist destination and a catchment area of Idukki arch dam in Kanchiyar. It is highly noted for the 5.5 km (3.4 mile) long circular tunnel that carries water from Erattayar dam near Kattappana to Idukki reservoir.The name Anchuruli literally means 'five vessels'. It is associated with the five small hills which are in the shape of inverted vessels and are visible when the water level in Idukki reservoir reduces.Anchuruli is a lesser known tourist destination in Idukki district for many travelers. 10 kilometers away from Kattappana, this small village offers you the breath taking views of the catchment area of Idukki dam especially during monsoon seasonThe main attraction of Anchuruli is the 4 kilometers long tunnel from Erattayar through which water is flowing from a dam at Erattayar. The surrounding area is an evergreen forest with wild animals. The name Anchuruli derived from the 5 small hills that are submerged in the reservoir and they look like inverted vessels. During summer season, you can enter the tunnel (We will never suggest you to do this as there is always a remote chance for a heavy rain on the other end of the tunnel and that would attraction heavy flow of water through the tunnel). Do not try to enter the reservoir even if you are a good swimmer. The reservoir is very deep and could invite dangers. So be away from the water. Anchuruli is a beautiful adobe especially during monsoon,

Ayyappankovil Temple & Hanging Bridge

Ayyappankovil Temple Hanging Bridge

Ayyappancovil temple and hanging bridge is a beautiful tourist spot located at Mattukkatta of Idukki district. It is also a place having 3000 years of history. The Ayyappancovil temple in the river Periyar and the hanging bridge there are the main attractions. The place is blessed with beauty of nature at its most. Being one of the longest hanging bridges in Kerala, it is being visited by thousands every day. It is located at the Kattappana-kuttikkanam national highway. it is located about 30 km away from Thekkady. Local boats can be used to reach the temple from the shore. During rainy season, the surroundings would be filled with water from Idukki dam which is a visual treat to the tourists. If the government would take necessary actions for improving the facilities there, no doubt it will be one of the top tourist destinations by Indians as well as foreigners. A very nice holiday destination for families, friends, or even for single explorers. Idukki district has much more unexplored destinations which is serene and blessed with ethic beauty. Ayyappankovil is a beautiful village which is set amid charming hills and lush green vegetation on the banks of the Periyar river. Hence, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this hidden hamlet is a small paradise within God's Own Country. It is majorly recognized for its marvelous suspension bridge and the ancient Sastha Temple

Suspension bridge

Ayyappankovil Hanging Bridge Vagamon

The hanging bridge at Ayyapankoil is the longest hanging bridge in entire Kerala. The bridge is one of its kinds in Kerala and attracts several tourists on daily basis. The surrounding area of the bridge and the temple are so pleasant and mesmerizing that they make for an ideal getaway destination for a weekend or an impromptu unplanned holiday. The suspension bridge Ayyappancoil is extremely intriguing to watch and very exciting to take a walk on. This suspension bridge is indeed an engineering marvel that has been least explored in the Idukki region. The surrounding area of the bridge is least visited by tourists leaving the place true to its original form. The dam reservoir and the Periyar River add to the beauty of the bridge. While you take awalk on the bridge you will be left awes truck with the beauty of the pristine green

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